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23 January 2013 @ 12:01 pm
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22 January 2013 @ 12:01 pm
  • Mon, 15:33: Looking forward to @TheFollowingFOX tonight! Can't wait until @Warren_Kole shows up. :D
  • Mon, 19:16: Ah, finally got around to capping 5x12 & 5x13 of SOA and I swear, that damn finale still leaves me pissed as hell. Ugh. lol
  • Mon, 19:18: Not to mention these stupid extra Justified stills I got this morning from tomorrow nights episode has me worried for Jimmy's well being.
  • Mon, 21:55: Paul Heyman should not be allowed close ups. STOP IT.
  • Mon, 22:04: Chanting FREE AT LAST when Punk is no longer champion is so very accurate.
  • Mon, 22:49: Boo! John go away. RAW has been good without you.
  • Mon, 23:03: Oh look the RAW before the Rumble ends in a brawl...shocking. Vintage RAW! #RAW
  • Mon, 23:13: Yay, gonna watch HIMYM and The Following. :D
  • Tue, 00:54: The Following was sooo good. Love how it set up the story. Can't wait till next week! @TheFollowingFOX
  • Tue, 04:52: RT @CHunnamORG: Huge Sons of Anarchy Screen Capture Update! - http://t.co/Jgp9SYg1
21 January 2013 @ 12:01 pm
  • Sun, 14:17: Awee, you guys! RT @DanneelHarris: Happy Sunday! http://t.co/hS0MPKVZ
  • Sun, 16:17: RT @GrumpyAssCat: You say "tall redhead". I say "gingeraffe". They're basically the same thing.
  • Sun, 17:58: I really don't care for the 49ers or the Falcons, so no fucks given there. I just want the Patriots to advance tonight. Like, really bad.
  • Sun, 17:59: I know that I give Tom Brady a lot of shit, and act like I hate the Patriots, but I wouldn't bother with them if they weren't good.
  • Sun, 18:00: So I guess I'm a closet Patriots fan. Yep, I said it. When put in a tight spot, I will cheer for them like it's Peyton Manning if I have to.
  • Sun, 18:01: I just want a team I like in the Super Bowl, otherwise I won't give much fuck once it gets here. I mean, I'll watch but I doubt I'll care.
  • Sun, 18:40: I want to say don't let me down Patriots, but knowing my luck the one time I'm all in cheering for your asses, you will. #haha #mylife #nfl
  • Sun, 19:46: Took them long enough to get that touchdown. #BALvsNE
  • Sun, 20:19: This game needs to pick up the pace. #BALvsNE
  • Sun, 21:01: Are you guys sleeping? Come on Patriots, wake up! #BALvsNE
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08 November 2009 @ 04:33 am
If you had me added once and noticed you're no longer added please feel free to add me again. I've done a friends list cleanse, so to speak so if you want to be friends again just comment and let me know. :)
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02 June 2006 @ 05:01 am

L. O. C. K. E. D

This journal is locked for specific reasons, her words that she writes here are personal and almost always consist of some kind of newly found drama in her wonky boring yet entertaining crazy life that she would rather not share with the whole entire internet community.

If you would like to add her to your friends list than please do, she loves meeting new people and having friends!
.01 ) - The most important key, you must comment her. She will ofcourse return the generous favor, after all having a online blog is usually for those wanting feedback correct?

.02 ) - It would be fabulous to have something in common, you know so we're not left without a conversation starter. Otherwise it's just awkward, because she can find it hard to believe someone would add her without nothing in common because they, well, like her? haha!

.03 ) - Don't steal, don't type like a moron, truly we have enough of those in this world don't contribute to their population. Don't insult her fandoms, opinions or otherwise. Tasteful input and feedback that can be easily considered insults but are so tastefully written it'd be a crime in itself to accuse it to be one are A-O-KAY! =P

.04 ) - She would appreciate if you commented to let her know you added her because she simply has a horrible memory so the likely idea that she would see you added her are pretty much slim to none.

.05 ) - Looking for number 5? yea she is too, let her know if you find it!

PS: Written in third person format, for entertainment purposes only!
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