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21 January 2013 @ 12:01 pm
My tweets  
  • Sun, 14:17: Awee, you guys! RT @DanneelHarris: Happy Sunday! http://t.co/hS0MPKVZ
  • Sun, 16:17: RT @GrumpyAssCat: You say "tall redhead". I say "gingeraffe". They're basically the same thing.
  • Sun, 17:58: I really don't care for the 49ers or the Falcons, so no fucks given there. I just want the Patriots to advance tonight. Like, really bad.
  • Sun, 17:59: I know that I give Tom Brady a lot of shit, and act like I hate the Patriots, but I wouldn't bother with them if they weren't good.
  • Sun, 18:00: So I guess I'm a closet Patriots fan. Yep, I said it. When put in a tight spot, I will cheer for them like it's Peyton Manning if I have to.
  • Sun, 18:01: I just want a team I like in the Super Bowl, otherwise I won't give much fuck once it gets here. I mean, I'll watch but I doubt I'll care.
  • Sun, 18:40: I want to say don't let me down Patriots, but knowing my luck the one time I'm all in cheering for your asses, you will. #haha #mylife #nfl
  • Sun, 19:46: Took them long enough to get that touchdown. #BALvsNE
  • Sun, 20:19: This game needs to pick up the pace. #BALvsNE
  • Sun, 21:01: Are you guys sleeping? Come on Patriots, wake up! #BALvsNE
  • Sun, 21:08: That poor guy got knocked out. Not even right. #BALvsNE
  • Sun, 21:21: OMG Seriously? *facepalm* #BALvsNE
  • Sun, 21:40: Maybe it's me, but you shouldn't celebrate until gee I don't know, you actually win. That's just rude. #BALvsNE
  • Sun, 21:50: I usually love watching Brady lose, at least when it's at the hand of my Manning boys but sad Brady is depressing to watch.
  • Sun, 21:52: Well, even though I'm really not a fan of either 49ers or Ravens, I have a feeling I'll end up cheering for the 49ers come the Superbowl.
  • Mon, 04:34: Super tired. Should have went to bed much earlier, but like an idiot I ignore my body's plea to cuddle with my bed.
  • Mon, 04:36: What I would love is to wake up to replies from emails I sent nearly two weeks ago. That'd be nice. Always the loser who gets no reply. :\